Greens On Grains

Who Are We?

Greens On Grains is an edgy food truck operating throughout the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

We're focused on healthy and delicious macro bowls, featuring tasty and nutritious ingredients such as ancient grains, raw cauliflower rice and scrumptious leafy greens, topped with hot proteins.

Our menu is ever-changing, because we proudly select the best seasonal ingredients with passion and care! 

What Is Bowl Culture?

(Also Known As Macro)

They're called Macro Bowls because they hit all of your Macronutrients, Carbs, Proteins and Fat. Our Bowls have a great variety of Gluten free and vegetarian options to satisfy everybody's needs.

 A simplified form of balanced eating. Our bowls typically consists of grain base, warm brown rice & quinoa, raw and cooked veggies and salads, topped with hot proteins, paired with one of our house dressings and a healthy fats like avocado, edamame, chia seeds and almonds.

Our Menu

Please check in with us as our menu is consistently changing!!

Paddock To Patch

Braised Beef Brisket | Shitake Mushroom | Roasted Moroccan Sweet Potato | Lentils | Capsicum | Cucumber | Brown Rice & Quinoa

Messy Piggy  

Crisp Crackle Belly Pork | Zucchini Zoodles | Pomegranate | Chopped Kitchen Sink Salad | Brown Rice & Quinoa

Our House Dressings 

Spicy Tamarind | Lemon Honey Mustard | Sriracha Mayo | Sesame | House Ranch

We have a wide variety of Gluten Free and Vegetarian Bowls. Please check in with us to cater for your dietary needs.

Pumpkin & Parmesan Fritters

Smashed Avo | Rocket | Quinoa & Black Rice | Charred Corn |Feta | Cucumber Salad

Dirty Chook

Grilled Garlic Citrus Chook | Raw Cauliflower Rice | Almonds | Goji | Kale | Warm Ancient Grains

Green Not So Mean

Coconut Poached Chook | Zucchini Zoodles | Charred Broccoli | Avo | Edamame | Pepitas | Kale | Warm Ancient Grains

Our Truck !

We have a full commercial kitchen on board ready to cater for your needs. Our truck has all the bells and whistles that requires to operate on site, a silent generator, plumbed water & gas. This allows us to drive up and start catering for your event.

Our Truck is Chef owner operated with more than 20 years experience in the hospitalitytrade.

Our truck dimensions are : 6M L x 2.4M W x 3.3M H (We require semi flat surface to operate)

Why us?

That’s Simple..... “Because We Care”

Location, Location!

Please visit our Facebook page to see our daily locations, we want to feed & nourish you !

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